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Vous pouvez réserver votre cours sur le site en remplissant ce formulaire. Nous vous rappellerons sous très peu de temps.

Vous pouvez également nous appeler directement au 06 07 02 76 13.

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The progress of a kitesurfing lesson :



  • Meet at MF Kite at the time indicated the day before. Once your registration is finalized, we will introduce you to your instructor and your group (4pers/instructor)
  • Equipment in the changing rooms (wetsuit, vest, helmet and harness)
  • Recovery of equipment (1 kite and 1 board per person)
  • Briefing on land according to levels and conditions of the day
  • Departure by boat just below the school

When the wind blows onshore (from the sea towards the beach) or offshore (from the beach towards the sea) we start respectively from the sea or from the beach. Thus the students evolve far from any obstacle and from other practitioners under the vigilance of the boat instructor. Beginner students do not have to walk to go upwind.

The school has several boats and many instructors. When preparing schedules, we strive to form groups according to levels to improve supervision.

Theoretical explanations for each phase of learning with possible demonstrations by your instructor !

WARNING : If you get seasick, consider taking a pill!
Any lesson booked, not canceled 24 hours before the date of the lesson, will be collected by MF Kite.